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As the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is a new virus strain, but Germagic is availing MICROBAC Lab (USA) testing facility that provides SARS-CoV-2 for testing. We will update effectiveness of Germagic Technology on Novel Coronavirus Test soon once certificate is received.
US EPA and Health Canada has implemented test programs to evaluate disinfectants’ efficacy against the Novel Coronavirus. The “Gold Standard”, Feline calicivirus (FCV), is recommended to be the surrogate virus to substitute SARS-CoV-2. We have already tested GERMAGIC Thyme against FCV in Australia and have achieved a >99.99% reduction rate, thus confirming GERMAGIC Thyme is effective against the Novel Coronavirus.

We provide professional GERMAGIC Thyme spraying service. It takes around 2-3 hours for us to complete spray coating a 50,000 sq. feet area. To arrange for our spraying service, please contact us.

GERMAGIC Long-lasting Disinfectant Products will be available soon at selective shop online soon.

While GERMAGIC Thyme can disinfect microbes on a contaminated surface, the coating is aimed at providing long-term protection. We recommend pre-cleaning the area of application so that our coating can firmly attach onto the desired area instead of debris laying on top of the area.

GERMAGIC Thyme is designed to complement and reinforce routine cleaning practice to provide a safe environment between cleanings. We recommend continuing surface cleaning by using a slightly damped cloth soaked with our Coating Reinforcer or with diluted bleach. Avoid using alcohol or detergents.

GERMAGIC Thyme can withstand multiple cleaning with alcohol and detergents. Therefore, there is no need to worry if the coated surface is accidently cleaned with alcohol and/or detergents for 5-6 times. We recommend reapplying the antimicrobial coating if you are uncertain about the number of accidental cleanings were made.

While GERMAGIC Thyme releases thyme essential oil for disinfection, GERMAGIC Thyme can perform multiple route disinfection and does not rely solely on thyme essential oil. Moreover, we have previously conducted a 6-months experiment with Hong Kong hospitals and found that the partition curtains coated with our antimicrobial coating was able to maintain a more than 99% reduction in microbial count compared to uncoated curtains.

Although GERMAGIC Thyme provides long-term protection and reduces the chance of indirect transmission, personal hygiene still needs to be well-maintained. We should wash hands frequently, wear masks, take enough rests, etc., to be fully prepared to fight the pandemic

It is compatible to almost all surfaces including porous surfaces (textile and clothing) and hard surfaces such as glass, plastic, glass fibers, metals, stones, wood, steel, natural materials, varnished surfaces, and sanitary surfaces

Positively charged cationic polymers attracts negative charged outer membrane of microorganism and destroys the germs physically, providing surface and control killing. Temperature sensitive and charged colloidal particles repel the dead and inactivated pathogens that prevent biofilm formations, new colonization and mutation.

Using electrostatic spray or fogging method, 1L ready to use Germagic can coat 500-1000 sqf area, depending on the nature of surfaces. Our technical team can support and guide you for best utilization of coating volume.

Germagic is a microencapsulation technology encapsulating volatile fungicides to achieve the effect of delaying release. When microorganisms are still floating in the air, they will be killed when they come into contact with the released fungicides.

Antibacterial adhesion has no bactericidal effect, but it can vacate the space for contact killing and killing again. Our coating uses microcapsules to wrap the biocide. When we choose microcapsule materials, we choose some special materials to prevent microorganisms from attaching to the surface.

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