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Bureqo Healthcare Solution (BHS) is private company specialized in providing health protection solutions, consultancy and capacity building trainings. We are the authorized distributor of GERMAGIC THYME (MAP-1) products in East African Countries. GERMAGIC is a novel germicidal patented technology developed by the University of Hong Kong Science and Technology and owned by Chiphua Industries Limited Hong Kong. GERMAGIC™ product can kill over 100+ bacteria, fungi and viruses including SARSCoV-2 (Covid-19). Unlike other products, GERMAGIC™ Thyme coating provides up to 90 day protection from viruses, bacteria and fungi. Using these latest technologies anyone will be able to stay completely safe from all airborne & surface, Corona virus transmissions and live a healthy, secured life with your family & friends. BHS is created to help people return to their pre-pandemic life.Read more

Our Mission

Bureqo Healthcare Solutions (BHS) – exists to provide a clean and disinfecting environment for you, your loved ones, and everyone around you. We ensure to provide you with protection against all viruses and bacteria.  Read more

Excutive Summary

Bureqo Healthcare Solutions (BHS) has brought to you GERMAGIC™ product, a world Industry leading product and service in Germicidals that can kill over 100+ bacteria, fungi and viruses including SARSCoV-2 (Covid-19Read more

Our Core Values

  • We consider quality to be the most important criterion of our services, which guarantees that it is never compromised.
  • We believe in learning as an essential channel for continuous improvement. Read more

Bureqo Healthcare Solution Products


  • Effective to eliminate Coronavirus
    (COVID-19).Non-toxin, Non-alcohol formulation.Combines germicidal thyme essential oil. instantly removes odors and longlasting ,antimicrobial protection. Suitable for adults and kids use
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MULTI-PRO72 Disinfectant Spray _ Box_200ml_L
  • GERMAGIC Smart Antimicrobial
  • 72 Hour kills 99.9% of Virus, Bacteria &
  • Effective to eliminate Coronavirus
  • Non-toxin, Non-alcohol. With highly
    purified water, safe for skin
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Germagic Thyme 90days

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-12 at 03.47.22 (3)
  • In addition to our excellent array of
    products, we are also offering
    disinfectant treatment services in
    Mogadishu! We offer residential
    property disinfection as well as
    commercial/industrial treatments, even
    vehicle disinfection for transport and
    mobility businesses and professionals.
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Consultancy and Training Services

Monitoring & Evaluation

BHS offers impartial and objective Third party Monitoring (TPM), external evaluation and investigation and verification services, working alongside its clients to provide valuable information to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of any given program                          Read more

Needs Assessment

BHS supplies Needs Assessment services to identify the needs of stakeholders in a range of situations, which inform and help determine suitable actions moving forward. Our field team is highly trained and experienced in dealing with the complexities of locations facing humanitarian suffering Read more

Data Collection

BHS has experience in a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques and in implementing them effectively, including Surveys, Focus Group Discussions (including implementing them effectively, Key Informant Interviews, Site visits (including photo and video capture) and Workshops Read more


Coronavirus is affecting 28 countries

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